Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club

Didcot Phoenix CC is a club of social and sporting cyclists from Didcot and the surrounding South Oxfordshire area. Our club has an informal and friendly atmosphere which welcomes and supports men, women and juniors to enjoy riding bicycles on and off the road in the local area.

We support our riders by introducing them to group riding to increase confidence on the road, providing a range of social rides (with cafe stops!), holding training rides to help develop skills and speed and helping one another prepare for and take part in non-competitive and competitive cycling events. 

By participating in our club’s activities, our members have gone on to develop and maintain fitness, extend the range and pace of their rides, participate in new cycling disciplines and challenges, achieve their personal goals as well as perform at high levels in regional and national competitive cycling.

The club is a strong supporter of the cycling community and we host many events and activities which are open to cyclists from the region and beyond. We actively work with other clubs in the region on joint events and racing leagues and we participate in the running of the sport at a national, regional and local level. We also make broader contributions to the local area through our membership of Boundary Park Sports Association and donations to charity.

All our activities are open to non and new members so please get in touch to join in!

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